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Originally Posted by Encryption76 View Post
If you have an engine brace to hold the motor up and dont mind being aggravated for a few hours then you can save a ton of money if you drop the oil pan yourself. If you would like to just do it yourself and need the brace then you should be able to get one for about 70 - 80 bucks.

Wrestling with the sub-frame is probably the worse part of it.

Good luck.
Couldn't be any worse than manhandling the transmission.. my friend and I replaced my clutch, flywheel, rear main seal, pilot bearing, throwout bearing etc.. putting the parts in was chump change compared to taking the transmission off and putting it back on.. but it worked out great once we finished (I still need to make a thread on the process with some tips).

Dropping the oil pan seems like it wouldn't be terrible, but installing the new camshaft is a completely new animal him and I have never messed with yet.

Any DIY links would be greatly appreciated

Thanks to all e46fanatics and other BMW forum users, without the community, our wallets would be more empty than they already are.
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