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Originally Posted by Hornung418 View Post
Did you sell the intake manifold with the engine? Need some brackets from the M54 manifold.

Sucking Jet Pump holder, mounts on the big runner aft of the throttle body. Don't need the pump it self, just the bracket and the screw it attaches with.

Directly under the TB there is a 90 degree plastic nipple that mounts to the Jet Pump via vac hose. Should pull out with some persuasion.

On the brake booster, there is a vacuum line that connects to the right of the reservoir. I need the one-way valve that is clipped on to the hose.

Looking to pay $10 shipped.
I think I found the 90 degree plastic nipple and the one way valve. Don't readily see the bracket. Got a picture? part number?
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