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Originally Posted by azndrunk74 View Post
does it creak at all with the hardtop adjusted so tightly? i had to leave a bigger gap on mine to lessen the creaking noise. i liked how the hardtop looked when it was flush with the rest of the car but the creaking was killing me.
@ azndrunck74.....I do NOT have any of the creaking that to referred to. However, I lubricated the back bottom seal before installing with a good vinyl/rubber coating. I'm not sure if this helped that or not. I measured around the back area & have about 3mm clearance from metal bottom edge to the body and am not sure what is specified. I have very little wind noise & the car feel 'tighter' but this might be my imagination.

@ E46er75......I was just having a little fun with you. Didn't mean to offend you & no, I wasn't offended either. :>) FWIW; I had the top, why not put it on during the 'cold' months? I doubt that I would be dropping the top much during the months ahead. Also, when we drive our mountains or Blue Ridge Parkway, you lose about 5 deg for every 1000' of elevation, so it does get colder up there. We're at about 2200' here and a 20 min drive you're at 5000-6000'. Why do it in a soft top when you have the hard top. Just sayin. I apologize if I offended you.
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