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Alright guys.. well just thought I'd give you fools an update. First of all just wanted to say for those that actually helped and gave some good ideas for different things, I appreciate it. To all the others, thanks for absolutely nothing!

Regardless, the night went VERY well. Like I said before I know what I am doing and can handle myself just fine when it comes to women, going out, etc. I decided to take my approach on this and took her to somewhere that is a little upscale but a fun, entertaining environment at The Bazaar Resturant at the SLS Hotel. It was really a fun spot and she had an amazing time! Ultimately, everything went really well and because she had a great night we are planning on meeting on Sunday again and I am going to her place cause she wants to cook dinner for us. We been txting pretty much throughout the day today and even hit me up early this morning about how much fun she had so I know she is playing a front, for those E46 guys doubting me in anyway.

I should have never posted a thread on here asking for locations to go to, this thread has turned into ****. I should have known better on E46OT!
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