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Originally Posted by E46inthe206 View Post
Currently in the process of having an M3 front bumper painted/installed (will be done tomorrow), just ordered h&r race springs earlier today (will go on later this month for an inch drop), and now it's time to look at tires for the brand new hyper silver VMR718's that have been waiting in my garage

Wheel specs: 19x8.5/9.5 et33 & et35

Sizes desired -
F: 225/35/19
R: 235/35/19

I've heard the Ventus Evo's are pretty good tires, what about Federal 595's? I'm gonna be looking at tires soon. New 235/35/19 Evo's at Les Schwab are about 1,100 and new 595's are 800 or so. Anyone got experience with either of them? I have Proxes 4's on right now on my stock m68's.

Other recommendations would be great!

I'll probably check out Discount Tire/Costco tomorrow and see what sort of deals they have.

Also, are there any places online that have some deals? I want a decent tire that isn't too expensive.. it just sucks that they gotta be 19's.. so much money.. >

+1 for VMR V718s!

Hankook Ventus V12s really are an awesome tire. The quality is great and they are very reasonably priced.
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