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Originally Posted by ezys View Post
... and get mad cuz it's dangerous to mess around in an industrial lot on a Sunday where every company is closed on the street. Or 3 in the morning on a ramp when there's not a single car on the street only person in danger is him he's not putting anyone else in danger
lol wut?? how could you even lie, when we all saw the whole video. "1:50; that's not a public road?" "and yeah that fearless sl*t, letting the guy donut around herself?" "drifting inches close the the curb where his friends are sitting?" None of those people's life is in danger, right? Also to whomever edited this video, "you should have chosen a better soundtrack for the video, maybe something like 'itsy bitsy spider', you scared the hell out of my 3 year old kid you f*cker!!!"
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