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Originally Posted by latitude39 View Post
What kinds of clamps are you using? Photo?

I think better clamps would make perfect seals. The heavy, factory-type clamps provided with GKN boot kits seal well.
I used the clamps provided with the boot kit. (GKN Lobero) This is the 2nd this has happened to me while performing this type of repair. I literally clamped it down as hard as I could. I even attached 2 1/2" drive ratchets to my special clamp tool and crimped it as hard as I could. Even after that the boot still wasn't on as tight as it should be. I then took it to my local Indy shop and had them crimp it more. They managed to get it on tighter but it's definitely not an air tight seal. When I compress the axle in and pull it out (compressing and stretching the inner boot) I hear air entering and escaping. It's only a little though, but it's definitely there. This was the exact same problem as my last cv boot repair on my passenger's side. I don't know what else to do- I've crimped the living crap out of these things...
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