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Originally Posted by XKxRome0ox View Post
you didn't even ask for the color or clarity
so how can you even determine whether it was a steal or not?

sorry to hear about the divorce
but curious ... why are you putting in the effort to sell the ring if she is keeping all the proceeds?
is the background story something you are willing to share?
wow bro. PM me next time. I was sort of being sarcastic without the rest of the specs or the cert posted.

I am simply helping her. She's a very sweet person and actually just had a full mental breakdown tonight while we were doing our grocery shopping and at my parent's house since that is her only family here (she is from Japan as of 12 years ago when she was 39). I took it to the jewelery store today to be refinished and polished. They will size it once done. They called my at 8pm tonight to pick it up if I wanted. They pushed it forward because they like the ring. They said it would sell for at least $8900 here and that I should take it to a shop that does consignment and raise my price. I am going to make some phone calls tomorrow, lots of high end consignment shops in S. Florida. I need this to be done by April. Consignment may sit a long time until the right buyer comes along.
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