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Originally Posted by FlzRider View Post
newtuner, the 2nd to last picture you posted doesn't work and I am kind of curious about seeing it.

You said you planned on rebuilding your original starter. Is it just the carbon brushes that need replacing or is the commutator done as well? Does BMW even sell these parts? Just curous....

I had my starter replaced while I was under warranty. My symptom was a loud squeal for about a second right a startup. It would only do it when the motor was cold and it was more prone to occurring if the ambient temp. was colder.
This. I was hearing a noise for literally a second upon start-up on colder days. It's not a real high pitched squeal - almost a rattling sound. At least I think I've found the problem...

Brand New battery. I only get 1 click. Tried multiple keys. Won't jump start.


Wow... after reading through this thread I would just like to say jesus, **** my life.

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