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Originally Posted by ezys View Post
Im not calling out everyone here on this forum like I've said many times I just hate how people can judge someone when they know nothing about them cuz it's usually those people that can never back it up that's all. The guy reAlly is a good driver and can track the **** outta that car just likes to **** around with it too. Yea he might do it on the streets every once in a while but 99% of the time it's only industrial areas on Sundays where there's no cars around. I just hate how lately on this forum everyone is so quick to attack someone and just talk **** to them instead of constructive criticism it's all just hate now
Constructive criticism:

1. Don't spin your wheels, it wears out your tires prematurely.
2. Don't drive dangerously on public roads. As the BMW manual states, "the laws of physics cannot be repealed."
3. Don't put your friends lives in danger.
4. Treat your M3 with respect.
5. Don't swear so much. You sound like a pissed of 17 year old.
6. Punctuation. It exists for a reason.

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