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Originally Posted by BLACK E46 SMOKE View Post
Dealing with this company KHOALTY has been a nightmare. They sent me a receipt with a tracking number that USPS says is not in their database. Also USPS says they have no information on my product. I ordered my product on the 9 th of November express service. Today is the 17 th and I haven't received my package and do not know of its whereabouts. Also after you pay your money this company refuses to respond to your emails. I have sent numerous emails asking when I will be refunded for the express service I paid for and as of today I have not gotten any response. I emailed a guy named Kevin who emailed me about the carbon fiber trunk and he has not responded. I have emailed the sales department numerous times and they have not responded. Keep in mind that when I ordered from KHOALTY on the 9 th I also ordered from BAVAUTO on the 9th, received my product on the 12th and installed on the 13th. Here's the worst part....I ORDERED MY PART FROM BAVAUTO REGULAR GROUND SHIPPING!!!! I am totally pissed with this company. It seems like they are trying to keep my money and the product as well. I posted a previous post and KHOALTY still hasn't answered any of my emails.
USPS had the package yesterday, as with ordering anything from anyone online, tracking numbers don't always update immediately. It takes 12-24 hours typically for the initial scans and movement to appear. If you check your tracking number now, you will see that they had the package yesterday.

We have been responding to your emails, as well as knowing you had read these threads explaning the delay. You had chances to take a refund, we don't just hold your money prisoner. The shipping method you selected is how your order is being shipped.

Regarding your CSL bumper questions, we replied to those on October 26th when you placed your order. You ordered that order on Friday the 26th, and we shipped it the 29th (Monday), and refunded the shipping charge that same day. The other questions you had were answered promptly on the 29th, the next day after you ordered that we were in the office.

I understand BavAuto shipped their order in a timely fashion, just like we usually do, as you can see, we experienced quite the backlog and other issues which kept us from shipping same or next business day, which a lot of people will vouch is what to expect from us.

Originally Posted by BLACK E46 SMOKE View Post
BULLSH*T!!! I don't have pity for a company making money hand over fist while most ppl in America live paycheck to paycheck. They got into business to make money now that they are making it I should feel sorry for them?! PLEASE!!! They ruined my order and the tracking number they sent me USPS says doesn't exist. Also they don't respond to emails. But they don't have a problem collecting money. They are terrible!!!!!
I can assure you we are not making money hand over fist, check other websites and their pricing on all of the products we carry, you'll see some of the most popular companies for BMW aftermarket charge, at times, double, what we charge. They probably buy the products wholesale even less than we do, yet charge a lot more. To us, that's hand over fist wallet packing.

I don't know how you think we ruined your order, and again, tracking takes hours to first update, if you check the number, you will see that it does actually exist and the order is on it's way to you.

If you want, don't accept delivery of the product, it will be returned to sender (us), and we will give you a full refund on your order.

Sorry you feel that we are so terrible, we are truly doing everything we can.
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