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Originally Posted by BLACK E46 SMOKE View Post
That is a BS response to save face online. Pertaining to the corner lights no one at KOHALTY has responded to my emails. If you did then post them online showing date and time. That's #1. #2 I called USPS today and they said the tracking number doesn't exist. #3 if you don't have the right tracking number to begin with you cant see a update. # 4 It shouldn't take someone to go on a public forum before you respond.

Even if it is in the mail it is not what I paid for. I paid for express service and 8 days later I still do not have my item. Are you going to refund my express money or are you going to keep it? Are you going to say oh well we did the best we can? It should have been YOUR decision to refund the express money as soon as you could not make the express deadline.

Have you notice there is another gentleman that posted KHOALTY did not respond to his email. Is he lying as well????
I don't really know what you want us to say at this point. You've been given the explanation of the delay, as well as the tracking number, as well as replies to your questions which you claim we had not answered. You have all the information now, and we are still apologetic for the delay in your order. Are you still not clear on what's going on with your order? It's been shipped, and I don't think any of your questions have yet to be answered, in email or on this thread. I will do my best now to clear up those numbered points, and if you do have any other questions let us know.

#1 - You emailed November 13th, as well as November 15th. On November 13th we were here only to ship orders. I wrote a short explanation on this thread on the 14th explaining that. Like you said, you were upset at the shipping delay, the only way to recoup from a delay is putting 100% of our resources towards it. You obviously had read that explanation since it is in this thread (, so to me your question was answered. If that's incorrect, on the 15th, you emailed asking when your order would ship, this is after you'd already been in this thread reading that we are knowingly delayed on shipping. Your order shipped out on the 15th, an email was sent to you containing your shipping information. It was shipped very late at night, after USPS is closed and well after the pickup time, so it started it's movement on the 16th right away in the morning.

#2 - 9471009699939252292292 is your tracking number. Here is a link to see that it is valid. You likely called USPS before the scans appeared on their system, even though the package was in their hands, like I had explained to you, typically the first scans take the longest to go through shipping companies systems.

#3 - The tracking number, on our end, is working.

#4 - We responded in a broad way to our clients on this thread, you obviously read our explanation of the delay and that we're actively working as hard as we can to minimize it and get caught up. We didn't and still don't have the time to message each customer one by one, which we are going to do, but for now we ship, we are nearly caught up, but we want to be shipping within 12-24 hours again, for us to do that we can't reply to each inquiry asking about the delay, those emails are going into a folder which we will reply to once we are caught up. Four or five hours of sending out emails is quite a lot to take away from shipping for us at this time, once we are caught up, the emails regarding shipping get replied to with the explanation. We are though, able to provide an estimated ship date for orders, in livechat and email, which we have been doing since late on the 14th when we were able to project out how many orders we can ship per hour, and how long it will take us to ship out each date of orders. Maybe not the best situation to be in for us or our customers, but I'd want to know that the business with my order and delayed shipping is doing what they can to fullfil my order, instead of them sitting on the computer.

The rest - If you ordered the incorrect corners, or we put the wrong ones in the box, you are right in saying what you paid for is not what you are getting. You selected a USPS delivery service titled 'Express Mail', and that's what shipping method we are providing to you. The money you spent on that shipping method went to us paying for that box to use that method, although there was a delay in this method being used, it's still the same shipping method. USPS provides a level of service requirement on Express shipments, they guarantee a date it's delivered by, we don't do that, we are not them. If it doesn't get to you by their guaranteed date the shipping cost is refunded to us, and passed back to you, as far as I know.

I have offered a full refund to you, meaning you would get your money back, and this order would be essentially nulled out, you wouldn't get the corners, nor would we get your money. If you want to take the refund, please decline acceptance of the package so it gets back to us, once we receive it, we will refund directly to the card you used on the order.

Like I said, sorry for the delay. We are still doing everything we can to be completely caught up, and ensure that this doesn't happen again. I feel I've answered all of your questions either in email or in this thread, and I don't know what other information to provide to you at this time, but again, sorry for the delay, we will be back to 12-24 hours for an order to ship again, if not even less time once we bring one more employee on board.

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