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Originally Posted by peanutbarnes View Post
Ground control "coils"? What do you mean? Do you mean ground control "springs"?
no one really want to give you the whole speech on suspension. it's a long story but i'll try to help because i was once in your shoes.
there's essentially two options for you. a shock and spring combo and a coilover combo.
coilovers are springs that are on a threaded sleeve that allow for height adjustment and sometimes dampening and rebound adjustment.
the pros to the former is it's cheaper and there's a lot of options for different desires.
the pros to coil overs is that they are adjustable to get desired look or performance and the springs are typically matched to the shocks exactly.
shock valving is important to match to a spring rate. you don't want sloppy comfy shocks trying to dampen a crazy stiff ride from stiff springs.

many different venders sell all kinds of setups. you need to SEARCH to find what you want. it all comes down to budget.
if i had lots o money to spend i'd go with bilstien pss10 or kw v3 suspension. i don't and didn't when i did my suspension so i went with koni sports (adjustable) and h&r red sport springs. the height is not adjustable. the dampening rate is.

springs determine ride height. shocks and springs together determine responsiveness. shocks, springs, and sway bars determine body roll.

if you really want i can get into sway bars but that's a whole new ball game.
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