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Originally Posted by peanutbarnes View Post
Another thing too man.....Sorry ahead of time if I am bothering you but you are really helping me. I am not car savvy and I have learned soooo much from this site. You guys are awesome! My question is: What is understeering and oversteering and the difference between the two?
understeer: front wheels loose grip under intense cornering
oversteer: rear looses grip under intense cornering
from the factory they make the car understeer because it's a lot safer. it's much easier to recover from understeer than oversteer.
for a performance stand point you want it to be about as even as possible so it kinda power slides instead of either the front or rear loosing grip.

the only way you'll really be able to understand these is in a HUGE parking lot or at a performance driving event (track day, drivers school, autocross)
you do not encounter these while driving on the street

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