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Navin, I've been on this forum for a while but have never heard of you or your story till recently. A fact I do regret as your story is absolutely stunning and truly a miracle. I am glad to gear you have been blessed with such a lovely family and community to support you. You are an inspiration, keep at it. I would like to support your cause by adding as a smoker of 8 years, I have recently kicked the habit. Although I never considered my self a serious smoker, I was surprisingly awakened when I added up the numbers. I smoked a pack in 3 days for 8 years which came out to 973 packs +/- a few. That is nearly 300 cigarets which I multiplied by the amount of tar, CO2, and other chemicals to figure out that I had smoked enough cigarets with chemicals totaling an amount able to kill over 500 men if administered at once. I worked this out a family health counselor. I have been smoke free for a little over a year. I feel great and I strongly recommend all smokers to add their own numbers. Life is to precious to waste one puff at a time. Since then I have detected the amount of money I would have wasted on cigarets to fund charities assisting kids quit smoking. Again, God bless and truly blessed to hear of your case. Hope your CF heart keeps on beating along with those to whom you cherish.
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