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Vibration on a 330xi

I just picked up a 120k mile 02 330xi a month or so ago, have very little BMW experience and I'm wondering if they are kind of "vibratey" about 70 mph or so?

I'll try to sum this up as quick as I can: I have only a couple "long" trips on it and the last big one the car literally shook above 70 and the wheel vibrated in my hand. Had a few other issues I wanted and needed taken care of (cooling system redo, it was throwing some lean mis-fire codes) so I had a local Indy shop which I trust go over it. They replaced the left CV axle, inner ball joint, CAB and control arm, as well as fixed the rest of the issues and gave it a clean bill of health. I picked it up and it seemed to be far better, but still a bit noisy above 70. Say 80% better than what I feel is normal.

Here's the thing: after I picked it up and it seemed better I remembered the steering wheel was turned slightly to the right (the original shop did not do an alignment, nor did I ask them to) and being somewhat OCD with the car driving decent I'd hop over to the local Tires Plus for an alignment. Ever since then I feel like a bunch of the noise came back, say its more like 50% of the old noise gone.

Now it might just be me as I am getting used to the car but its definitely a humming noise in relation to speed, I really don't feel it through the wheel at all, and it increases as you go faster. Wondering if it might simply be the noise the car makes at speed? Since I don't have a ton of BMW driving time, wondering if its normal as my friends 05 Mustang GT feels similar at speed too.

I am taking the car back in a few weeks for them to do a few other wiggling things but was hoping someone could shed some light and maybe ease my mind a bit and say its wind noise, AWD drive noise, whatever. I test drove 2 others before buying this one and they all sounded pretty much the same, I just hadn't driven a RWD E46 (only my old E36 318i which howled at speed as well) to know.
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