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Originally Posted by Solidjake View Post
Thanks for the suggestions.

As for Nikon and Canon entry cameras, what are the main differences without starting an argument, thanks.

Adding to what was already said. Canon gives you free editing software. Nikon you get a free trial w/option to purchase. When you compare the entry level side by side, you will see that Nikon has a slight edge on battery life. Video shoots a little bit better on Canon. Nikon has more lenses to choose from.

When I got my first DLSR I did what Gottalovethexi suggested. Put it in your hands first and see if you like it. Remember you are going to be shooting with this thing for awhile and you don't want to start hurting. Some users don't have that problem with grip. After I chose which brand, the salesman asked me if I was going to be shooting for a long time... meaning do I want something to grow with me. Having shot Film SLR for years this was a no brainer. Two - I don't want to buy anything that I can't use down the road.

Which is another thing I thought about. Some of these entry level cameras are very limited. You find a lot of people selling them and getting something in the midrange or semipro DSLR. Most do not know that you can find a used camera cheaper than the current line. The difference might be more megapixels or higher ISO (in the newer cameras). Which is not a huge factor because you can still get a decent print from a camera that shoots 5megapixels and even some poster size.

Check for deals online at or they offer free shipping and no tax

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