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As promised, here's the update. I couldn't do it, ended up driving it to the shop, apparently I fked up my control arm and some other spring crap.. I kid I kid lol.

So, this guy finally decided to show like an hr and a half ago. I'm ready to go get this done, but he was more into chit chatting with my mom. Then after a bit we get out there, I show him the bushings, the arm, where the bushing goes, blah blah blah, the tool. Not so long story short, he put in the bushing through the outside (it seems like the outside whole was more hollow, hence an easier fitting for the bushing). Then we placed the MIS tool on the inside and my job was pretty much to pull the control arm down and did some tightening while he made sure the bushing was still centered. After couple of minutes the bushing easily went in. We did all this using a light since it was dark out, and after he inserted the bushing, left me to put everything back together in the morning. I guess he assumes I can do the other side since I saw how he did it. But, whatever. Only thing I'm sort of worried about, seems to me the bushing might be in a little too much (I'll post a pic in a bit).

Things I would advise for this job: MIS tool, a 2nd hand, an impact gun. These things make things much more easier. A lift would obviously make things even easier, but I don't know anyone who can has one readily at they're disposal. If I think of anything else I used or could have used to make things easier, I'll update.
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