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Originally Posted by HaloArchive View Post
That is the wrong procedure.

Here is the correct one.

- Sit in the car with all the doors shut and windows up with your key fobs (all your fobs need to be done at the same time)
- With one of your keys turn the ignition on then off and remove the key
- Press and hold the unlock botton and then press the lock button 3 times.
- Release all buttons and the locks will bounce up and down.
- Repeat this with the other key/keys (press and hold unlock and press lock 3 times, locks will bounce)

Note: Only switch your ignition on once, doing so again while programming will reset the process and you will have to start again.
Still no luck. The key fob lit up when I held the unlock button, the light blinks for the press then goes away. Then when pressing down the lock button it doesn't light up unless the unlock button isn't pressed.
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