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Originally Posted by thisisnotdave View Post
Hello all,

I've been in the process of upgrade the sound system in my 330ci cabrio. So far I've replaced all the speakers with the BSW stage 1 kit and am pretty satisfied.

Next up is the Sub. I've looked at the following options.

BSW Stealth Sub

Kicker Solo Barric 8" using this enclosure


Or a 12" down firing sealed box with a 300 watt JL12"

I'm looking for something clean, punchy and very tight.

The Solo Barric is probably the most punchy, but its only 8". Will that be enough for thick low reaching bass? Or will the sealer 12" deliver a deeper sound since its significantly larger? The downside of course is that I'll lose a good chunk of trunk space, which I would like to avoid.

Finally, can anyone say anything good about the BSW kit? Is it worth the $700? It only comes with a 230 watt amp, so its gotta be the least punch of the three right?

Can anyone share some insight on this?

I don't know much about the equipment you are considering, but I can relay my recent experience. I just recently added a sub to my 325ci coupe. It sounds like we had similar goals - clean, tight bass that complements and doesn't overwhelm the music while limiting loss of storage space.

My local installer recommended this ExCelon sub:


We installed it in the coupe version of this enclosure:


I'm driving it with 350W RMS from the fifth channel of a Kenwood Excelon 5CH AMP mounted neatly and hidden in the factory amp location.

It pounds if I want it to but mostly I set it for clean tight complementary bass. I still have most of my trunk space too. Could not be happier with it. With an amp it should come out around the same as the BSW setup, but I'm sure this offers more and takes up less space.
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