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Originally Posted by cowmoo32 View Post
Einstein wasn't just uniquely intelligent, his brain was physically different from anyone else's. It's pretty surprising that the physical size was smaller, but not surprising at all that there were more folds in his brain than the average person.
It is interesting that there are differences in his brain. But it is still creepy that they preserved his brain and studied it with the belief physical brain characteristics would influence his behavior or his success in life. It sounds a bit Naziesque. It reminds me of when the Nazis would measure noses , heads and eyes to determine who was Aryan. I know that was not the intention, but it almost validates what the Nazis were doing. Granted, they did not have 3D MRI machines in his era that would have answered many of their questions but it is still creepy thinking that his brain is sitting on a shelf in a glass jar at Princeton. It reminds me of Frankenstein, when Frankenstein's helper dropped the jar of the smart guy and grabbed the one that said (Abby- Normal).

Eventually, geneticists are going to figure out a way to design kids with more folds in the brains of children to make them smarter.

At any rate they have done all they are going to do with it, they need to bury it/him instead of keeping it on a shelf like a carnival curiosity.

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