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No email here yet... I guess i wasn't affected by the delay?

You are right, if we would not like to support your store we can reject the items, thing is i needed the items so thats why i ordered. I could easily go else where but since the delay has happened already i guess i might as well received the package.

I also understand working through weekends but that to me sounds like you may need to hire a minimun pay employee to sit and do nothing but reply simple emails, easy fix?. I do not check the e46 site often so if i hadnt checked about it i would had never known you guys had a delay going on. Again, a simple "we are sorry for the delay we are experiencing some delays your items will be shipped as soon as possible"..or ssomething along those linea...i dont think thats asking for much?

Anyhow thank you for the prices and accessories available for the e46, i just believe your store needs better customer service.

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