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Originally Posted by coco savage View Post
Who are these people?
People that just like to b*tch about every new game they play because they don't know the maps... I've consistantly been getting better all because I get know the maps more and more.

I do think that Core needs some work, I've been getting like 6-7 hitmarkers on guys without a kill... Been playing hardcore and LOVE it. Not gonna lie though, really like kill confirmed, gets rid of some of the sniping---Which brings me to another point, the quick-scoping is RETARDED.

Overall it does feel like BO1 more than MW3... MW3 hitmarkers were really effed up... I hated that game...

Zombies is still awesome
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Originally Posted by SamDoe1 View Post
Being unprofessional is GK talk for someone calling out his BS in real life.
Originally Posted by IFX View Post
gk seems to have tried to change his role online now. before it was mr. obnoxious. now it's mr. calm, collected, and still an idiot.

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