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Originally Posted by cposk View Post
Yep. Instead of going out and spending $100 on Friday or Saturday night, I make $100.

Do this 8 times per month and that's $1600...
Originally Posted by MonkeyMouse View Post
How would 8 shifts at $100 a shift equate to $1600... that would be $800, not spending $100 on a friday isnt the same as making $100. None the less I wish my 330I had that low of miles.
He's saying if he works Friday AND saturday, he would make $1600 extra a month... Good idea, but still, valets do not make THAT much unless you are the head guy, and also depends on where you work. When I was younger, I used to only make about $12/hr, that's not nearly enough to support a 2-car hobbie, much less a M and e46.

I sense an income he is not telling us about Even if he made $50k at valet, that's not enough to support those cars, unless he has a paid off house and NO bills/debt whatsoever.

So if you work every day of the week, how do you have time to work on your auto->manual swap?
Originally Posted by Green_Shine View Post
(2/14/2017)Trump, by definition is a nitwit. He has every opportunity to make sound decisions, and he is incapable. I can't see this guy lasting 4 years without resigning or being impeached.
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