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Originally Posted by 2000_328CI View Post
I've basically given up on the online mode and am just going zombies. Level of play is just too high and I don't have the time to allocate to stay competitive with the gurus. My 3ish KDR on MW2, black ops, and MW3 just won't be realized in this one... I think I'm around 1.7 in this one but it's only dropping the more i play.

not to bust your balls but you might have had 3.0 in mw2 but nowhere near in black ops or mw3. (1.8 in black ops and 1.39 in mw3 and 1.14 in bo2). It took focken forever to get a 2.5 in black ops and a 3.0 in MW3, im close to 3.0 in BO2 right now(2.98 in TDM and 2.75 overall).

This game is a lot harder to get used to and I was struggling hard the first couple days..since I prestiged it's dropped down a little bit as well. IMO the Scar is an awesome gun in this game(stock and grip) with scavenger.
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