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You're probably fine, OP...but we'll see!

What confused the guys with your 6 gals. is that you 'flushed' it through the bleeder screw.

Did you have the heater on while you were doing this, btw? If not, you'd still have orange in your heater core.

But, if you did this while the car was running with heater on, I'm sure you're fine...if you didn't have the heater open AND the car running then you should drain completely again...from engine block drain. If it comes out orange, fill with distilled, drive, cool, and drain again...then fill 50/50.

I don't think that just having the heater valve open is enough for the heater core to drain, but maybe I'm wrong. It may be that the return from the heater core is designed so that once it starts to drain, the rest is siphoned out...otherwise I guess it wouldn't drain whether the car was on or off. But, as you used bleeder and not engine drain, I'm not sure you're necessarily out of the woods.

Sorry if this is confusing...I'm a little confused myself! Someone will understand me and correct me, I'm sure!

That, or investigate possible bad interactions between orange and blue. JPR here had a great post on him and organic coolant and you might find it...or google it.


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