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Over the weekend I met cornbread and his friend Kenny who is of equal intelligence. Looking out my window Sunday, I noticed a beat up pickup truck parked in the parking lot next to my house with 2 guys sitting in it. About 45 min later they were still out there and I noticed the 2 guys drinking and smoking. I decided to take my trash out to get a better view of the situation, turns out it was my man Cornbread and his friend (who is also a neighbor) Kenny. Being a friendly neighbor I went over and talked to them for about 20min. They are both very nice guys but I found it strange they were haning out in a pickup in a parking lot drinking when both of their houses are directly across the street. Cornbread is pushin 250llbs and had about 5 teeth and REALLY had trouble getting complete sentences out. Kenny is basically a spitting image of Adam Sandler's character in Billy Madison (for some reason Kenny was wearing a suit at 5pm on a sunday, maybe he's REALLY into church who knows) . The first thing that cornbread told me about was how he changed Ronda's (the girl who lived in the house before me) flat tire one night and she owes him a pie or atleast a look at her tits....he wanted me to check on this for him. When I told them I was from Nebraska, Kenny made a comment about "the whole Jerry Sandusky thing goin on there is a shame". WTF, I wish I could have recorded this conversation.

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