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Originally Posted by Rotha View Post
Tune Up/Inspection Service - 1,778
Wash fluid pump - 227 LOL
Rear Brakes (Rotors) - 781 LOL
Rear Control Arms - 667 eh... i guess if you want to replace the trailing arms too from the junkyard.
Rear shock mounts - 460 LOL
Replace all hoses - 1,598 OHHH MY GODDDd

those prices are priceless. hey man, i know you have an m3. ill sell you this bottle of astroglide for 200% markup before I **** you to make it easier.
While some of these prices are absurdly high ($227 to replace a washer pump that can be purchased for under $30 and takes less than half an hour to install), others are not. Rear brake rotors, for example. I have done my own, and it takes between 1 and 2 hours to do properly. OEM rotors cost about $250, good pads will cost you an additional $170, and the brake wear sensor will cost you about $11 (it can be a pain to install). You should also check the status of your hand brake at this time, which may need parts and service at the same time. Thus, you have around $430 in parts (or more) plus a couple of hours of time in labor. $780 isn't so absurd.
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