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Originally Posted by FragNasty View Post
Please excuse the layman question: What is special about the 125 m/s intake speed?
It's the approximate velocity where you start to see flow resistance increase exponentially when compared to mass flow; commonly known as the choke point.

Originally Posted by FragNasty View Post
By this stage our test setup should be on an engine dyno.

I presume that the higher (or lower) than Nyquest frequency would result in a type of "multi-scan" type sensor strategy taking samples at discernible crank angles that would later be compiled into a high resolution chart based on several crank turns worth of samples?

The presumption, of course, is that the engine operation is constant during the crank turns whose samples are utilized and that can only realistically be approximated with an engine dyno.

IF that is true, then the actual cost of obtaining equipment for these types of measurements could likely be significantly higher. What about subcontracting to a firm that already has the lab and sensors? Does FSR have access to such a lab?
No...$12k would do it, and you could use a chassis dyno...but it makes it a lot easier to experiment with different parts on an engine dyno. That is unless you had your hands on 4stHEAD.....

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