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Originally Posted by Schlag96 View Post
I'm not sure where you valet'd, but you make way more than $12 an hour in tips. I remember ten years ago I knew a valet at a Marriott and he made easily over $100 a night.
Yea the place I valeted was crap, but still, he would have to make $200 a day to make ~$50k, then the $800 extra a month, so thats an extra ~$10k a year. SOOO even with $60k I would find it hard to afford both of those cars.
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Originally Posted by SamDoe1 View Post
Being unprofessional is GK talk for someone calling out his BS in real life.
Originally Posted by IFX View Post
gk seems to have tried to change his role online now. before it was mr. obnoxious. now it's mr. calm, collected, and still an idiot.
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