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Originally Posted by Adam@Euro-Spec View Post
not to bust your balls but you might have had 3.0 in mw2 but nowhere near in black ops or mw3. (1.8 in black ops and 1.39 in mw3 and 1.14 in bo2). It took focken forever to get a 2.5 in black ops and a 3.0 in MW3, im close to 3.0 in BO2 right now(2.98 in TDM and 2.75 overall).
I'm surprised by the MW3...

Near 2 in black ops sounds right though (didn't play it as much)

But MW2, my KDR was pretty godlike because I camped like a mofo and was just a nuke hunter who irritated the fuk out of everyone with OMA, danger close, and noob tubes.

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