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Originally Posted by flightz71 View Post
I am speechless. I thought I had OCD when I do stuff but man you take the cake. I have so much appreciation for your attention to detail, just phenomenal man.

Couple questions:

1. How come 2 different kinds of black dyes were used? One from a spray can and one liquid one. For the rest of the parts (plastics on seats, etc) was it the spray can one or liquid mix in spray bottle used?
2. The imola dye worked correctly on the rear panel speaker grills?
3. How come center console wasn't dyed but instead repurchased?
4. Did you notice the dye come off at all on your clothes?
5. How are the leather panels in the doorcards held in? I didn't even know they could be removed! (were plastic welds cut and rewelded?)

Thanks man!
To answer your questions:

1. I was waiting for the dye to be shipped but we already started to disassmble the car so I used the spray duplicolor at first but I wanted to be consistent since I was using the black leatherique dye ob the dash. I wanted it to be the same all around.

2. Yes... The dye worked great on the rear circular speakers as well as the SRS airbag tabs for the front door panels.

3. I wanted to get an arm rest delete console so I just purchased one...

4. If you read the thread... I had a friend visit me and he swore that there was no dye that rubbed off on any of our clothes. I still drive the car now and I do not get any dye on my clothes. Prep is key and lots of patience.

5. Again, please read my thread... it is very detailed and you will see every step that I took to disassemble everything. Goodluck!
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