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Originally Posted by Wes View Post
I think the wishbones are the only M3 components that will reduce camber (~-.75 degrees). You can remove the strut alignment pins for another -.5 degrees (or so). That's about the cheapest way to dial in the camber for the E82/E9X
I was just talking about reducing understeer/slop on the whole. It certainly did get more complicated in the E8X/E9X cars.

My take:

I think the E46 is slightly better handling, new for new, stock for stock. I think the average E46 on the road today doesn't handle as well as an E82.

I think the E82 has more potential than the E46 as a chassis, but it takes a good chunk of change to get there. Sways, wheels, and all the M3 suspension bits. That's the big thing that wasn't necessary on the E46. Switching all the various links and the rear bushings out for the M3 parts.

If I had the money I'd be driving a 1M, or an N55 135is if one could get a sunroof delete version and swap all the M suspension bits in it.

The E82 isn't a clear step forward in all regards. For example just as the E46 has some annoying rattles, the E82 has similar armrest squeaks and a slightly rattly dash.

But it is newer and smaller than the E46, so those are big wins there. I wish it was a bit lighter.

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