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That 182 piece tool kit looks like the hot ticket. I would add a 36mm socket for the oil filter cap, and a 19mm wrench for odds-and-ends (I don't think that kit comes with one--mine didn't).

The $15 HF 1/2 drive torque wrench is more than good enough, just store it at 0 and don't use it to loosen anything, ever. Both of those actions will compromise the springs inside over time. They also wear out, so consider buying a new one every couple of years. Or, pay like $200 and get one that has to be sent off an calibrated, up to you.

Internal and external Torx drivers are good suggestions, I would do T20-T55 and E10-E14. A couple of hex drivers would also be a good idea. I think most if not all of the ones on these cars are 14 and 17mm.

No need for jack adapters imo, just line up the rubber in the middle of the stand. No need for pricey jack stands, HF ones are fine. The jack is up to you. I personally don't like all the "Rapid Pump" crap HF has now (hard to release them slowly), so the one at Costco is probably a good suggestion. I generally find that most of Sears' tools like jacks and such are overpriced, but Craftsman wrenches and hand tools are a good value.
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