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I am glad we sorted it out, but I love a good internet rumble lol..
Yeah man I know that REAL CSL/ZCP rotors have a definite meaning/use to them, of course they

I mean **** I wanted a BBK at "first" because I thought they looked really nice, until I luckily became knowledgeable on the matter and I am currently working my way up to a better braking system...

I now run stoptech system all the way around slotted rotors and stoptech pads and they are sick on the track and have minimal fade However I am now going off topic, which I do that very well.

Rock Hard Abs Racing

2004 JB / Cinnamon SMG - NAV - Heated Seats
Sonic Tuning Spacers 15mm
Alcantara Wheel/Boot/Pillars
BMC filter
Carbon Fiber: Doors/Seat Back/Trim/Paddles
Scorza muffler
CSL Bumper/Trunk
ST Coilovers for outside contacting

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