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Originally Posted by Alex323Ci View Post
she paid more than most for this ZCP because of the prestine condition and low miles. if that was a factor i was suggesting that perhaps not driving it in winter as a daily would be an investment. but perhaps i have a poor idea of what winter is in Massachusetts. i don't deny that.
i know some states now use magnesium chloride, a type of "salt brine" for the roads. this fills more areas of the underside and crevices of a car and will promote rust where rock salt doesn't get to. unlike rock salt which doesn't splash around, but lays on the ground mostly.
it's her car she can do whatever she likes. just posting a suggestion to retain her investment more towards the reasons she bought it. but i see many of you in that area seem against it. so maybe it was a bad suggestion..
I'm sure you meant well, but I guess every climate has its issues. I gather that the sun in California and the Sunbelt can do a job on an interior. (FWIW, the headliner and pillars were perfectly intact on my seven-year old Touring.)

I had an Acura Integra for 17 years, that wasn't garaged and only washed now and again, that was daily driven through a NJ winter and there wasn't a speck of rust on that car when I sold it. My in-laws live in Massachusetts and they had old Mercedes that were similarly rust free.

As both Jen and I can tell you--both of us had Alpine White 5speed/sports package wagons totaled within the last couple months-- there's more risk in driving your car in the summer. I'll take my chances on a little road salt compared to a flying minivan.
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