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Originally Posted by Stinger9 View Post
On an asap basis, I'd want to make sure you're not leaking gas underneath in any way! Take a look up on a lift if necessary.
Something is drastically wrong. Hit anything on the road?

PS---hey, where'd you get the metallic gray-green!!
Best color on an e46 ever.
Have you seen the thread just for this color?
Hi, thanks for your reply.

No visible gas leaks anywhere. It was parked overnight for 2 nights, then all day at work. No gas spots anywhere below it. I went out just now and touched every connection from the tank to the filter and everything is dry. No gas smells outside or inside the car. I have not yet taken off the panel under the seats to check the pump, but like I said nothing smells.

I haven't hit anything, drove non-energetically over the weekend and to work today for a total of maybe 30 miles.

The gurgling can be heard inside the car. When I put my hand on the tank I can feel it bubbling. I double-checked my connections to make sure I plugged the hoses back in the right way on the filter. The blue hose in the middle hole, the other one in the outside hole.

Everything is clean and dry under the car.

Yeah, I love the color; I had to drive out of state to pick it up. Haven't seen the graugruen thread yet.

Thanks again

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