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Most of you guys are bringing up good points. I would like to point out that I made a mistake of going to the dealership and giving them the go ahead to do the repairs without getting a second opinion. However, there are a couple of reasons I did this. Number 1, my car was under full service warranty until recently so I had no reason to go anywhere else prior to this. Number 2, prior to this car I owned a VR6 Jetta and had performance work and maintenance performed by different people who came highly recommended on VW forums (just like this one), over the 4 years I had the car there was nothing but problems. Every time I took it to another shop to get fixed/maintenance/work done they would all be like who the f*** did this to your car, it was always one shop blaming something on someone else. Eventually when I took it to a VW dealership to replace my busted transmission my warranty was voided due to the mess everyone else created. Worse of all I was constantly borrowing peoples cars when mine was being worked on to get to work and stuff. When I finally got my M3 i promised myself this would not happen.

I work a job where I do not have the free time to perform work on it. What would happen if I tried to repair something over a weekend, messed up and then could not get to work on Monday? So I am willing to pay a little extra for the convenience and piece of mind, however, I do acknowledge that I paid to much and need to find a good indy shop. Unfortunately this was an expensive learning experience. I was able to talk the dealership down once I told them I knew I was over paying and was able to get roughly $1000 off. I pretty much ripped into them and was able to get something out of it.

As for those who are ripping me for this, I don't really understand. I came on here for help and made a mistake - I was just looking for advice did not need all the bashing.
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