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Originally Posted by choxor View Post
Check for worn suspension components BEFORE you get an alignment. If you align the car with worn components after you replace them your alignment is going to be off again.

Personally I'd take it to a shop, let them put it on a lift, and identify all the worn parts. Fix it THEN get it aligned. There's no shame in bringing your car to an expert to get it assessed. You can DIY the actual repairs.
Yeah, I'll take it to a shop, see if I can't get it all worked out. The Northwest Thread is dead it seems like; I'll post a thread in there to see if I can find a good indy shop, or maybe a dealer? Anyone know of any in the Seattle area??

Originally Posted by taylor192 View Post
Since you got a smoking deal on it, and seem able to DIY, then I suggest replacing the following. It'll cost you < $200, about a day to do it all, and greatly improve the handling of the car:
Steering coupler

and you might as well do struts at the same time.

My car had the same wandering issue at highway speeds, especially on Seattle concrete highways. Similar to tramlining (expected on concrete highways) yet worse. Replacing the steering coupler and FCAB virtually eliminated it.
Thanks! I'll check into those parts; I'll get an opinion from a shop and we'll go from there. Those parts seem pertinent to good handling, I'll look into replacing those as well..

Originally Posted by pahasbimmer View Post
^That... Plus maybe look into getting some new tires (depending on how bad your uneven tire wear is) AFTER you get all suspension issues fixed and BEFORE the final alignment (or at least re-check the alignment after putting new tires on... if you go that route)... Best of all good luck and enjoy the car... Both e46fanatics and m3forum are excellent DIY resources.
Thanks for your reply! I'll keep that in mind. I'll definitely get new tires. They are completely worn down on the outside of the front, and inside of the rear.

- Do the BMW's need a "special" alignment, or can I just take it to a jiffy lube/Les shcwab?
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