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To the OP:

I just installed the BSW sub and amp in my 2006 330Cic. Several nice things about this package.

- The BSW Bass Speaker has lots of punch. So much it will "reveal" loose parts in your car......With the top down, I get a lot of "nasty" looks. Only once did a person roll their windows down to listen. With the top up, nobody can tell the source of the Bass......
- The BSW AMP allows for ample "tuning". I have mine at only 1/3 of Max Gain. (all three potentiometers). The Bass setting on my radio is set to the lowest setting. This allows for the most dynamic adjustment of the Bass for different music genre and media (CD versus Radio versus Line-in).
- The BSW AMP is small. Small enough to "hide" behind the right rear arm rest panel - easy access and there is room behind the armrest mount for your amp. (btw, the BMW radio amp is mounted behind the left rear arm rest panel. (see install instructions at BSW). The signal lines can run from the left to right with the wire loom already running left-to-right under the edge of the rear carpet. The take-away -> no additional room was taken up with this install - anywhere that's visible or readily accessible.

The goal was clean Bass, quick install (4 bolts for sub enclosure install), hidden installed components (being a 'vert, I need all of the trunk space I can get. This system is worth it........

I've still got a few sources of "loose" parts that I've got to attend areas that have never been accessed since I've owned the car.....So, until I address those problem areas, I've turned the Amp down to 1/4 of Max Gain. With the windows and top up, this plenty of Bass.

If you plan to do the Bass Speakers, I'd recommend that you do all of your speakers from BSW. Yes, they too are worth the $$$, but for other reasons.
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