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I recently purchased a floor jack and jack stands from Harbor Freight.

This is the floor jack. I used it to lift my car today, and it worked very well. Perfect minimum and maximum heights. It is also light enough to be portable. The handle comes off and comes apart into two pieces. It easily fits in my trunk. Weighs 46 lbs.

I got these jack stands. This is the item I would definitely recommend as a must buy. The saddles or seats on these stands work with our jack pads. You put them under the pad so it is perpendicular with the jack pad lengthwise (think + sign). They are very light and very stable. I'm buying another set to make 4. These are the only jack stands I have seen with a saddle this shallow, but maybe other people have some flat top ones.

I would also recommend a jack pad adapter for the floor jack. I got the one from ECS tuning, though several other companies make a nearly identical product. It gives me 100% confidence when lifting from the jack pads.

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