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With respect to tools, after several days of comparing, I just purchased a Sears Craftsman tool set, #41309, 309 piece. It lists for $400, but this Friday, it will be on sale for $199. Join the Craftsman Club and the Ship Your Way (the free one, not the Ship Your Way MAX). It was on sale recently for the $199, then through the club membership, got another $35 off, for a landed price of $165. It practically has every metric socket available, plus all the standard/imperial sockets as well. where it differs from the 201 piece all metric tool set is the larger size sockets, from 23 mm to 36 mm are not included. But as others have stated, get the 36 mm from your favorite sears, auto parts or HF. Also, the all metric set rarely-on-sale price is $270, only $20 off list, but a full $100 more than best price for the 309. And you will need to buy a tool box, as the 309 piece doesn't come with one. Again, pick out your favorite. I got one for around $30.
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