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Originally Posted by vorceb325i View Post
Are you doing it yourself? I've been contemplating doing mine for a while...
The install is actually already done, just needed to pick out a bezel. My istaller didnt have a bezel, needed to order one, so I told him I'd just pick up the car and find one on my own. My installer did the rest of the install, but I watched a lot. Putting a double DIN in one of these cars and doing it right is not for the faint of heart IMHO. It's a lot of work.

I'm glad I just paid for someone that had done a bunch of them to do it properly. The potential for screwing up your HVAC alone would be much more expensive to fix than what the install cost me. All my vents work properly etc. Everything looks great, works great.

I will be posting photos of the install here though shortly, or use the search function - there are a few other double DIN installs spelled out here. Just know what you are getting into involves some fabrication. It's not anywhere near as simple as putting in a Dynavin. (Much better end result though, my Dynavin came out and my new Kenwood Double DIN replaced it.)
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