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Taking the Next Step

Hey guys... So for the last few months I've been shooting a ton of shows in my area and I feel like shooting shows is thing. I believe my first show was only about 8 months ago, but since then I've been shooting for bigger and bigger artists (for free of course.) I feel like in a few months my portfolio should be at its prime.

What I really came here to ask is how the f*ck do I start getting paid? I'm not talking about publications or editorial crap, I'm talking about touring with bands/artists and making the real money. It's a niche market, but it's definitely there and it pays well. A good example is Rukes and Jordan Loyd. I know I am nowhere near their level, but with time I feel like I could be at their level. They both have been shooting for well over 5 years in the industry.

What do you guys recommend me doing? I was told to shoot out a barrage of emails to band/artist managements, PR firms, festival coordinators, etc. offering my services and what not. Do you think this will work? I only ask this because it's a pretty damn time consuming process to get all the names and emails.

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