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My remote suddenly stopped working yesterday after about 2 years of keyless bliss. I asked google and it found this thread. So I read the first page of this thread, then sliced open the key (clean job, no damage to key or fingers, yay!)

I started to order a new battery but I was horrified that shipping was 2x the price of the battery so I read some more before hitting 'buy'. I found a post that mentioned good battery but bad contacts, so I checked .. the battery has 3.1v normally and low 2's when a button is depressed. So the battery seems good.

The solder joints look good visually and the positive feels stuck on pretty well. I haven't pulled it out to check the negative.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to further diagnose between (1) battery contacts, (2) a bad fob circuit board, (3) something in the car (FZV amp?), or (4) something else? I'm afraid that I don't have a whole lot of time or equipment to be tinkering too much, but on the other hand, I'd hate to just start replacing things at random.

Thanks in advance for any advice. This thread has been a huge help already!
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