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Originally Posted by adaseb View Post
It's been 3 years already and I hit 50k miles on the water pump that I already replaced.

Just wondering when these should be replaced? I'm almost at 60k however I drove alot and the pump is only 3 years old

Wondering do they fail more with age or with mileage?
In my experience its generally the seal around the shaft that goes on a water pump. A few things can affect the life time of the seal. Extremes of temperature change, coolant quality for example. Mileage is one consideration but not the only one. You say you are on your second pump in 50K. I think you must have had a dodgy pump to begin with because that's a bit extreme. I had 140K on my first E36 pump and the replacement was still ok when I got rid of it at 250K. My E46 has 108K on the original pump. I live in relatively mild climate and drive easy. Coolant is to spec.
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