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tdm, Shonky is right, a 1/3 drop in voltage is unacceptable. If the voltage is less than ~2.7 under load, a signal is probably not even being produced. My O-Reilly's has a "key transmitter tester" tool that lights up when it detects a keyfob signal. You could see if a local car shop has that tool, but even so, the frequency might not be correct with so low of a voltage. If your key IS sending a signal but your car isn't unlocking, that's more proof that the battery is too weak.

I think you really need to replace the battery. One of the keys I've opened actually had a broken pin from the battery mount so it was obviously an open circuit, but another had a weak battery like yours, and replacing the battery fixed it. I agree that the shipping is high (you sound cheap like me!). I bought a few batteries on the last order, and have fixed two keys from it, so it helps spread the cost.

Another tip. I have learned the hard way to sand smooth the rough edges left by cutting open the key before gluing them back together. Two of the keys I fixed broke apart when their respective keychains were dropped on cement. Sanding the edges smooth and flat using a sandpaper block resulted in (so far) break-free repairs.

Finally, if your SO uses one of the keys you fixed, explain to (her) how to put the circuitboard back in the shell and tape/rubberband it in to get the car to start so she's not stranded if she drops it and it breaks when she's out.
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