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Originally Posted by 2000_328CI View Post
Oh I was THAT guy.. I was the king of "THOSE guys". I had spots on every map where I could aim straight up at the stars and shoot a noob tube that would fly through the air and land precisely dead center of the Domination flag on the opposite side of the map. Every custom class I had ran OMA and had different specialties. Most ran an ACR with noob tubes and claymore, some with danger close and others with invisibility perks to hide from radar and air support. I had some with Hardline so I would get my 6th kill for the harrier, would immediately switch to one of my invisible classes, than would call in the harrier. It would get close to enough kills for the chopper gunner and i woudl switch back to the class with hardline... it would get the last kill for the chopper and iw ould switch back to invisibility class... would go and hide in the waist high grass (which was on most maps in the very outskirts) and would run chopper gunner in hopes of getting enough for the nuke. In most cases I would get close and then would only need a few last tube kills.

I specifically remember one game on Rundown, where I got the nuke within maybe a minute of the game starting. Aimed my tube straight into the air as soon as we started a game of ground war domination... the tube landed right on the flag killing 7 guys and getting me my harrier... since the game had just begun, I knew where they would respawn and put my harrier there.... came in and got another 5 or 6 kills which earned me the chopper gunner... knowing that they would continue spawning there (since they didn't even have a first flag), I went right into chopper gunner which, with the harrier, got me the nuke... I had it within the first 30 seconds or so and, were it not for being in the chopper gunner till it was over, we wouldn't have even gotten 60 seconds into the game

(We all know how good Curtis mpoweredm is in this game so the fact that he only had time to get 2 kills should say something)... also the commentary is hysterical "awwwww f*CK DAT!!!"

I got the double nuke a few time and one time was two kills shy of the triple nuke on scrapyard.

Couple others


35-5-1 (within a minute or two of the game starting)


Had something like 150 nukes during my time playing and LOVED it. Made the game so intense.

I miss Mw2 its bar far my favorite one! I never got bored of it
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