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Originally Posted by jfoj View Post
Been a long time since I replaced an E46 fuel pump, but on my E39 M5, the pump had to be seated correctly as there was a round pipe with an O-ring that came from the left side siphon pump as I recall?

Is there anything like this on the E46?

Also as for fuel levels, usually once the composite tank level(s) get to about 1/2 tank, the left side of the tank pumps down quickly due to the siphon pump and usually should be empty except due to hard cornering, then the tank pumps down very quickly again.

Use the Hiddern OBC Menu link in my signature to figure out if you are actually transferring fuel from the left side of the tank properly.
Yep, there is something like that, but I don't believe there is something to line up on the pump side. There is the sending unit, and the sucking jet pump, which keeps the fuel level balanced. I was adding that in to my post while you were writing this. It is all there now.

Don't you guys have work to do? I lead a life of luxury, and can respond all day, but shouldn't the rest of you be working?

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