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Shaban and reallydirtythirty, thanks for bringing this up. A quick intro, my name is Glenn Burton and I am the new owner of Delta V. I tried over a year ago to post an intro, but they kicked me and wanted to charge ad fees. Even though I've seen multiple posts for shops that have flat out broken posting ettiquette, I lurked instead. I bought Delta V last July and have had a few hurdles to deal with as would anyone coming into this industry, especially on an owner change.

Regarding pricing, I've heard from several past and present clients with the whole range of pricing stories, sometimes we're low, sometimes we're higher. One difference on a quote is that I try to give all of the info up front and with the best possible outcome (i.e.without potential issues, clutch chatter, pulsating brakes, etc.) I'd rather do it one time and do it right than deal with issues down the road later for clients and myself. I tell people all of the time that we are not trying to be the cheapest shop around, personally, I don't want to be. I want the work that we put our/my name on it to be of the highest quality. If you take my quote vs the cheapest quote you get and then figure what it actually cost otd for the job, I'm probably not far off. And we use high quality parts each time. Seeing some of the work that has been done by other "shops" to beat the clock etc, I'm sure that we are competitive.

I've been in Customer Service for years and I feel confident that our service is on the upper end, however, I'm sure there are days that it doesn't sync. I'm not perfect by any means. I'm trying my best to be a solid member of this community and have no issues discussing anyone's experience here, past or present. There's something to learn every day and I have been around long enough that I'm willing to listen without ego.

Thanks for letting me introduce myself. ReallyDirtyThirty, if I missed the boat for you, give me a call and we'll figure something out.
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